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Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this survey into synaesthesia and drug use. We are equally interested in responses from people who have taken drugs whether or not they have experienced synaesthesia whilst on drugs, people who have synaesthesia but have not used drugs, and from people who have used drugs and have had synaesthesia-like experiences.


Synaesthesia can be defined as experiences in which there is a blending of the senses, such as shapes having a particular taste, sounds having a particular shape, or numbers having a particular colour. If you have ever had an experience like this, either with or without the assistance of mind-altering substances we would like you to take part in this survey.


Depending on how many types of synaesthesia experience you have had, and how many substances you have consumed, we expect this survey to take anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes (in the extreme) to complete, although on average we expect that for most people it will take about 10-15 minutes.


The survey consists of a number of questions relating to synaesthesia, such as the type and amount, and the number and types of psychoactive substances you have consumed and any experiences of synaesthesia that have resulted from this. You are not required to answer any questions you do not wish to and you can withdraw from the study at any time and withdraw your data from the study at any time up and till March 31st 2012. Nevertheless, we ask that you try your best to answer each question as honestly and accurately as possible. If you do not feel that you can answer the questions honestly then it may be better to not complete the survey.


We are aware of the sensitive nature of some of this information and so all data you supply will be treated with the strictest confidentially and you will not be required to give any identifying information, so that your data remains anonymous. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions you would like to ask, either before or after completing the survey. If you contact us by email your email address details will be kept secure and will be deleted once we have replied to your enquiry. By completing (or partially completing) this survey and pressing the SEND button at the end of the survey you are giving us your consent to use your data.


We thank you for taking part in the survey, the data from which will help us to understand the neurobiological processes involved in synaesthesia experiences. Although synaesthesia is a relatively rare phenomena it is not considered to be a medical condition nor linked to poor health. If you would like to find out more about synesthesia please go to the website of the UK Synaesthesia Association or if you have questions about this study please direct them to Dr. David Luke


This study is being conducted by Dr. David Luke, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich and Dr. Devin Terhune, Research Fellow, University of Oxford.


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